Hiking Mount Lincoln

Mount Lincoln is the second highest peak in New Hampshire. A gorgeous mountain with exposed ridge-line views, located between Little Haystack and Mount Lafayette. All three mountains overlook the stunning view of Franconia Notch. For the best experience, the preferable seasons for hiking the trails are summer and fall. Another common trail that hikers visit on the same day as Mount Lincoln is Mount Liberty.

Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Lafayette

Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Lafayette are among the tallest mountains in New Hampshire. They're usually hiked together as a loop, and the hike is considered one of the most beautiful in New Hampshire. Although beautiful, the hike isn't easy.

Height: 5,089 feet (1,551.1 meters)
Length: 7.8 miles (12.6 km)
Duration: 4-6 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous
Elevation Gain: 3,645 feet (1,111 meters)

How many trails are there?

There are four trails that lead you through the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The Falling Waters trail
The Falling Waters trail is the start of Mount Lincoln's hike and is popular for the beautiful waterfalls as you ascend up the trail. This 3 mile hike leads directly to Little Haystack Mountain. It features long, steep sections of large rocks, making the trail a little more difficult than average. At 2.5 miles, there is a short trail to Shining Rock, a large rock slab with water trickling down it. From there the trail leads towards the summit of Little Haystack Mountain at the 3 mile mark.

Old Bridle Path
The Old Bridle Path is 2.9 miles long. It quickly ascends up to Greenleaf Hut and connects with the Greenleaf hiking trail. The trail starts at Lafayette Place Campground in Franconia Notch and ends at Greenleaf Hut.

Greenleaf Trail
The Greenleaf Trail goes from Greenleaf Hut to the summit of Mt. Lafayette.

Franconia Ridge Trail
The Franconia Ridge trail runs along the ridge top. Full gear is recommended whereas Franconia Ridge Trail is exposed from Little Haystack to Lafayette.

What is the usual forecast
It's important to research the summit weather before hiking since the weather is unpredictable on Franconia Ridge. If the weather is cloudy it may block the views and interfere with the experience.

Directions and Parking
Lafayette Place Parking area and Lafayette campground both provide many parking spaces on both sides of I-93. It is recommended that you arrive early as this is the most busy section of the White Mountains. Overflow parking is located at Cannon Mountain where there is a shuttle to take hikers to the trailheads. Overflow parking on I-93 is illegal and strictly enforced.


Nat mardoyan, Google Reviews.
This was an amazing hike. We did Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Lafayette and Little Haystack. the views were breathtaking and the trek was challenging. There was a Ranger at the trail that provided insight to the hike. The challenge of the hike is the reward of the views you see.

Gregory Rosic, Google Reviews.
Really an underrated spot and I strongly recommend visiting. I think the views are better than Mt Lafayette as this is right in the middle of franconia notch. From the south of the ridge this is easy to confuse with Mt. Lafayette but once at the top you will realize you aren't there yet.

Kenny Reid, Google Reviews.
An absolutely breathtaking hike. Disclaimer: this hike is not for beginner hikers, it is a pretty grueling climb. The view at the summit will make every step worth it, I guarantee it.