The Ice Castles in New Hampshire

Need winter date ideas for your New England vacation? The Ice Castles can help cozy up to someone special. Rent with us for easy access to the frozen fortress.

Ticket Prices for Adults

General (M-Th): $19.99
Weekend (F-Sat): $24.99
Holiday: $24.99

If you've lived somewhere cold before, you've probably had the chance to build a snowman and possibly an igloo. While your crystal creations you've made may be eye-catching, it is reasonable to wonder what it would be like to create something more grandiose. Fortunately for you, New Hampshire is home to a magical winter kingdom you have to see for yourself.

The ice castles are one of the greatest winter attractions in New England. It's perfect for couples planning a winter date night or a Christmas vacation. Despite how it appears, this frozen fortress was not constructed by a Disney character, but by a team of builders who have carefully added to the monolithic structure. Awe-inspiring lighting effects, icy architecture, and cozy company can make your ice castle expedition unforgettable.

Why Ice Castles

The ice castles make the perfect romantic getaway for couples of any age. Not only is it beautiful, but there are plenty of fun winter activities you can't do anywhere else. On top of walking through the freezy fort, you can also tube down the ice slides, take a private sleigh ride, or spend some quiet time on an arctic alcove. This will become your new favorite winter tradition.

The Ice Castles are an excellent place to make an important memory. If you want to propose to your significant other, the alcove is the perfect place to do it.

When to Go; How to Get There

Visiting the ice castles is the perfect addition to a winter bucket list. But when is the perfect time to go? The best time to visit these sprawling winter strongholds is at dusk and nighttime. The ice castles are open from mid-December to late March, though it can vary depending on the temperature. Because New Hampshire is one of the coldest states, the open season is generally longer.

For our guests, the ice castles are only a 30-minute drive away. Though with New Hampshire winters, you should probably plan to drive a little longer. Be careful on the winter roads at night. Moose and deer run on the roads often, and you may slide on black ice. Additionally, the Ice Castles rarely close for harsh winter conditions, but you may want to keep track of their status on social media.

What to Bring

New England weather is COLD. If you have never experienced a winter here before, bring more warm clothes than you might initially expect. Not only is it one of the most northerly places in the United States, but the humid air and wind chill can freeze you right to the bone. Coats that you purchase in southern areas might not be insulating enough, so you might want to order online.

Do not underestimate the importance of hats, gloves, and winter boots. Bring heat packs if you think that your hands will get nippy as well. Though the cold may be a bit of a nuisance, it gives you the opportunity to snuggle up to someone special. Make sure to bring your phone or a camera to get high-class pictures of your experience.

As far as winter attractions go, the Ice Castles are probably the best place you could visit. The sparkling scenery makes for excellent pictures that will help you capture treasured memories. If you still want to see what this palace has to offer, check out the Ice Castles Instagram. And remember, there is no better place to stay than Hibbard House Inn.