White Mountain National Forest

White Mountain National Forest is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in northwestern New Hampshire. The forest is beautiful, whether the trees are covered by snow, radiating green, or peppering your eyes with shots of oranges, yellows, and reds. Just minutes away from Hibbard House Inn, you can enjoy the thrills, beauty, and peace of nature that can help you escape from your busy life.

Are you a thrill seeker? More of a relaxed vacationer? It doesn't matter! There is something for everyone in this "natural theme park." Here are some of our guests' favorite dream locations you might be interested in!

Alpine Adventures

If you have ever wanted to cruise down a mountain at top speeds, but haven't had the mettle to try skiing or snowboarding, this park can get you off on the right adventurous foot. Alpine Adventures gives thrill seekers a chance to live life one adrenaline boost at a time!

Just outside Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, NH, Alpine Adventures is only a half-hour drive from Hibbard House Inn, making it the perfect place to get your feet wet if you are nervous to do more extreme activities--but this doesn't mean there aren't fun things for thrill seekers to do either!

Zipline Tours zooms you through the trees. As you move the trail with a tour guide, you'll see dynamic landscapes of New Hampshire foliage. If you've already done this and are looking for more, Alpine Adventures has you covered!

Get in a Side X Side and cruise down the forest trails. Tour unique White Mountain Forest landmarks with the guidance of a park worker. It almost feels like a safari on the savannah--but the lions are replaced with bears. Additionally, if you'd like to stick to the park itself, you can give the challenge ropes course a try.

Getting Lost in the Woods

It wouldn't be an outdoor vacation without some hiking experiences! Thankfully, White National Forest has a plethora of hiking trails worth experiencing. If you are an avid hiker, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that the hikes in this national forest are no joke.

The majority of them have been labeled as Hard or Moderate on All Trails. This doesn't necessarily mean they are too tough to complete, but they can fill your day up with new discoveries and sore legs.

Each one of these hikes is highly-rated on All Trails, and is conveniently located near the Hibbard House.

Black Mountain Pond Trail
1.9 mi

Blueberry Mountain Trail
3.7 mi

Webster Slide Mountain Trail
5.8 mi

Indian Head Trail
3.5 mi

Three Ponds
5.6 mi

Mount Jim and Mount Waternomee Ridge Trail
8.8 mi

Caving In to Fun!

Hopefully you aren't scared of the dark, because going caving is one of the favorite stops people make around here. While the cave entrances may seem like a daunting challenge, once you're inside you'll get to see a beautiful new frontier that you previously never considered. Two of the most toured caves in New Hampshire are within thirty minutes of your Hibbard House bed.

Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves offers can make you feel like a prospector and an explorer. While outside you can learn how to pan for gems and experience different hikes from the ones mentioned above, down below you can see some truly unique geological formations. Ask a tour guide to take you on a lantern tour.

Polar Caves Park is another great stop. The sprawling interconnected tunnels house nine caves total. Much like Lost River Gorge, you can see what goes on underneath the surface. You can also go on nature walks and learn about how these caves are formed. Bring flashlights, water, and a jacket. It gets cold down there.

No matter what experiences you decide to try, you will come out of New Hampshire with a newfound respect for nature and for the New England culture. We hope you stay with us!